Thursday, April 11, 2013

Malacca (March'13)

Just found some photos from my phone from Malacca and decided to just post it up and talk about it a little. Basically , I only went to two shopping malls and both were quite empty. It seems like no one goes there for shopping at all O.O But when you go to the night market at Jonker street , it is like madness and filled with people, which I seriously can't stand being pushed around and sweating like mad :( . We went there early as well! Like around 5ish - 6 after our dinner at Nancy's kitchen which served authentic nyonya food. I thought it wouldn't be that bad since it was quite early but turned out I was wrong! 2 nights passed quite fast and it was just enough to cover the place. Malacca is more known for the heritage sites but I didn't visit any at all ! I also caught ABTM 2 with my family although I've seen it before! 

Abrupt ending as usual... Probably going finish my current ep of running man and then continue my drama! 

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