Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Visuals #9 & #10

1. Favourite Starbucks's drink
2. Subway (Have been eating quite regularly recently)
3. (I forgot the name) pasta which taste super bland and diluted :( The minestrone soup that day was super diluted and tasted like water.
4. Stripes as usual.
5. Random packed waffle from the supermarket.
6. On a day to school for a test.
7. Me being me. ahahahaha.
8. Yoghurt yoghurt yoghurt (Now I'm craving for Yami yoghurt T.T)
9. Just whipped this up for lunch just now. 

I apologise for being so late, I have been having tests for the past 2 weeks and it officially ended on Wednesday! (*claps claps*) Now I am extremely free and love being home. Doubt I'll be working and most likely stay home and start watching new dramas! I'm on my first drama already! Not sure how many dramas/variety shows I will be able to finish. Will be back soon! :)

It's a new month ! New header up! 

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