Sunday, March 31, 2013

Malacca Instagram Diary (Weekly Visuals #12)

Nyonya assam laksa / Random hotel view / Double chocolate crepe cake / Angel Heart ( Sprite & Cherry) / Cheese Naan / Black ball ! / A&W float / Famous place for nyonya food / kueh pie

Short getaway to Malacca on Thursday and I just came back last night. It is really a small city and you can definitely cover it in 2 nights. I only went to two shopping malls and there wasn't much at all. I stayed at Hotel Equatorial if you are wondering. Shopping malls are quite empty but Jonker street is seriously damn crowded on Friday nights. Jonker street have a night market aka pasar malam on friday nights/sat/sun only. There isn't much things except food but it is good being able to feel the atmosphere of the place itself. My dad drove, so we headed to JB in the afternoon yesterday and did some grocery shopping + dinner.

How I wished I could travel to everywhere I want to go...  

Oh yes! One thing I missed out! I demand an A&W in Singapore :( I really like the root beer float even though it is just root beer + vanilla ice cream!

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