Friday, February 15, 2013


New year seems to get more and more boring as the years pass by -___-

The only thing I like about new year is being able to eat all the yummy new year goodies and have steamboat for reunion! Also ate my grandma's (dad side) home cooked mee sua which I missed and ate it almost only once every year on CNY day 1. My grandma (mum's side) prepared a lot of food for reunion and the soup she makes is damn yummy! I think I was busy drinking the soup instead of eating all the other ingredients ahahahaha.

This year, I didn't even gamble at all! After eating on the first day, I actually went for a "short" nap in my grand's room. Either I'm sleeping, eating or watching television. If not, playing candy crush which now I have been stuck for 4 freaking days because I can't clear my level !!! T.T 

I'm having my study break now! Study break = holidays = sleep in (my theory). 

Have a good weekend! And go play Candy crush if you have nothing better to do! 

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