Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Visuals #4

I realised I've been so lazy that I didn't bother taking photos as much as I do anymore.
Everyday I just go school > home, I know I have a boring lifestyle but I like it. The past few weekends I just stay at home to rot , dramas and shop around online. No yesterday though, I actually step out of my house and go to IKEA to try to look for a mini cupboard so I can hang up my clothes. I've been invading my brother's cupboard and squeezing as much as I could into his. Ahahahha. I didn't bought the cupboard yesterday though, saw a few minis one which I think could hang up 30 pieces of clothes? Or maybe more if i can squeeze. Better than nothing. Saw a huge cupboard but no space to put at home :(

Hopefully I could get the cupboard by this or the next weekend!

My heavy Monday blues are approaching , I literally hates Monday's lesson and I have just 4 more lessons to go! Can't wait!

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