Friday, December 14, 2012

So I went out with my foreveralone partner , Vanessa , on Saturday to catch the SMTown movie! We booked it on the first day it went on sales , hence we managed to pick the better seats. After we had our brunch at Pastamania, when we were inside the theater, I was telling her that the person that sit beside me will be very unlucky cause I might be fan-girling. Guess who sat beside me? Turns out it was my cousin! Unlucky her!

Some girls in the theater brought lightsticks and kept screaming like mad , not as if they are in the concert itself. My ear drums hurt after the whole show (Just exaggerating). Everyone were staring at those that screamed the loudest after the whole show ended.

The show don't have much 3D effects actually, and they cut out so many parts of the movie!!! So angry. They did not even show Kangta, although I'm indifferent to him. But he is part of the company what! And my Super Junior only had like....3 songs >.<

I changed my blog layout a little by the way! Last day of school on monday before I have my 2 weeks break!

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