Sunday, December 23, 2012


Terrible day on Thursday  It is the worst day of the year for me. I had no appetite that day but I still tried to eat a little. I felt headache since the moment I woke up and I took such a long time to finish a packet of rice which was my lunch. After that, I vomited once.

I thought I felt better after vomiting , however, it came back after awhile. My whole body was uneasy. I lied on the sofa/bed almost all the time because I was tired to move around. And when I stood up for too long, I felt giddy.

In the night time, about 11pm, when I wanted to head to bed, I start to feel nausea. Suddenly, I had the urge to vomit and I rushed to the toilet. I vomited thrice in a row and had diarrhea after that. My body was totally drained and my tummy felt empty cause I did not ate much that day. After then , I puked a little more. I was so so drained that I lied on the toilet floor ( funny, but don't laugh at me! ) . I felt as though as I was about to faint, my vision was blurry and saw white flashes across my eyes. My body felt like jelly and I was having cold sweat. I lied awhile and my mum helped me up.

My sister and mum brought me to the A&E department in the hospital. So unlucky because my dad is at Malaysia and we had to find for a cab to cab down :( if not someone could send me home to and fro. My blood pressure was too low and I was about to faint anytime, so I was brought into the A&E ward for observation. 

The room was freezing. I had to put water drip in order to increase my BP. 4 packets of drips that night :( Turns out it was likely due to food poisoning but I am not sure of the food source. After resting there for about 6hours, my BP was normal and the doctor discharged me around 5am+. I was alone in the ward but my mum and sis waited for me outside. My sister had to work so she went home first. My mum accompanied and waited till I discharged and she did not even managed to sleep that night. Once we reached home, she had to change and go work.

I feel so thankful and blissful for my family being around me. Thank you. 

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