Sunday, December 23, 2012

19 Dec'12

On wednesday, I headed to KKH to get my eyes check up which my doctor referred me to. Reached there earlier and my mum joined me after her work. Glad to say that my eyes are good! Good vision (I wear specs though) and super normal! So happy! Cause I'm afraid that there will be something wrong. But I wasn't able to wear contacts for that day cause they dripped eye drops into my eyes and say its not good to wear contacts after that. I tried walking without my spectacles but I had to hold on to my mum and go nearer to something to see it clearly (like some pervert). Gave up after awhile and continued wearing my specs :(

Did not buy anything that day! The tops I saw are either last-piece with defects or its too small! Some are way too pricey! Need to prepare for chinese new year soon. It maybe too early , but its better to buy earlier as you'll have time to look around and see slowly!

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