Sunday, November 18, 2012


Went to Tung Lok restaurant for buffet lunch on Deepavali which is a public holiday! Didn't took pictures of any food cause most of my relatives were hungry and is not very nice to stop them just because I want to take a picture of the food. I would say that the variety is so-so only as there wasn't much dim sum available. But I actually ate a few bowls of herbal jelly cause my throat was quite pain and it helps to cool. Walked around town and realised Istana was open to public because it is a public holiday. However, I gave up after walking for awhile T.T too tired to continue walking and I was sweating like mad. I was lucky that I left there early because it rained heavily after! Went shopping and I finally got a cardigan for school after so so so long. 

5 weeks of school is almost over which means that my tests are starting...very soon.

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