Thursday, October 11, 2012

Semester 2.

School is starting on Friday and I'm filled with so many thoughts about school right now...

Not sure how to describe my feelings now but i'm both excited and terrified about who my classmates will be. And I have to undergo the awkward situation where people will look at you when you enter the class plus staring at one another because you have no topics to talk about.

NEXT, I have to introduce myself all over again and try to get used to the new classmates, I hope that all of them will be nice though! The need to approach people as well as asking for their names and trying to make a conversation in between them is somewhat difficult since I don't know anything about them.

Whats more when I have to wear formal wear the first day, which is the most tortuous thing to mark the start of the new semester. It will be so so so awkward. I wonder if even any of the classmates would be wearing formal , I hope some wear and some don't so it will be a good balance. 

Anyway, to those starting a new semester , good luck ! 

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