Saturday, October 20, 2012


 School this week have been hectic. Since its a new class and i'm not to used to it yet, I was quite quiet ( I think?). I have nothing much to say to them, let alone to hold a long conversation. It feels so weird... the feeling was different from before. Feels that we couldn't click. It's so uncomfortable having to present in front of a class filled with strangers and I hardly approach any of them. Apart from discussing about school work, there wasn't anything much to talk. Time seems to pass by slowly. I would just sit there, and stare if there isn't anything to do. 

I was wishing for this week to pass by faster and it finally did. Somehow, this week seems to pass so slow compared to others. I was quite reluctant to know that I have to go school the next day, hoping it would come and go quick. Didn't got that feeling in the past class,   maybe because we clicked better and faster. I really hope that this is only the start and things will be better in future, and hopefully I could click and talk to most of the classmates at least. 

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