Saturday, August 11, 2012

So last Sunday was the day I turned seventeen, not a big deal actually, feels like just another normal day. However, on this day, I will get ang baos from my parents! *money face* . My mum got me a super mini-cake to cut for my birthday. Actually, my mum ordered another black forest cake which was supposed to be for my birthday, but my brother wanted to eat it so she went to cut it first. On that day, as usual , I spent my birthday with my family by dining out. The day before my birthday, I went to Malaysia and had steamboat which I had been craving for quite sometime! However it was quite a pity because my brother couldn't go as he have to contact his unit if he were to leave the country. Also, my parents bought a lot of soft drinks so now my house is flooded with bottle of soft drinks which I will gulp down soon.

On a side note :

I love you Singapore!
Thank you for giving me such a safe place to live in!
Happy 47th Singapore and I hope you will be more and more flourishing!

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