Thursday, July 19, 2012

Part 1 : Gardens by the bay

Went to Gardens by the bay quite awhile ago, so this post is quite back-tracked. If i am not wrong, it was a Thursday. I didn't went to school as I had an appointment at NUH so i took the circle line with my mum to Kent Ridge. Since we are already out, my mum decided to bring me to Gardens by the bay. After changing a few time of train lines, we reached Bayfront station. To our surprise, it wasn't open yet. I was a little unhappy cause I brought my camera out and I took quite some time to travel there. 
We decided not to waste the trip down and walked around. We walked randomly and we reached the link bridge between Marina Bay Sands and the garden which was still closed. However, we walked on the bridge. After awhile, a staff there told us it is still not open and ask us to leave, but, he came back minutes later and said that the management say that we can go in. 
We were elated cause we get to view the garden first before most people as it only opens to public the next day after we went. It is super empty means I could snap photos freely without anyone blocking.
So here is the first part of the photos i picked out for the post and I didn't edit all of them cause I am super lazy.

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