Saturday, May 26, 2012

First outing with Cassandra ♥‿♥

Headed to town with my classmate ,Cassandra (@MISSYCASS2867) today. And coincidentally, we have the same pair of shoes, and  Linyi (@linyil) have the same one too. Went to catch a movie (Ghost on air) and we both kept covering our ears and laugh out during the movie. The story line is not good so I wont recommended to watch. We kept on bullying one another the whole day, if you see our gifbooms, you will know.
So what we did was :
Lunch > Flea> Movie > Toast Box > Flea > Orchard Central > 313@Somerset.
Japanese food for dinner, didn't enjoy the curry although the katsu is yummy. Shopped around longer , but I have became more and more budget lately so I didn't really purchase any item. I am trying not to buy any more clothes until July, but erm I doubt I can.

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